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 Technology Products & Services

RAM Enterprises supplies a broad range of leading-edge technologies:

Internet & Information Security Technologies

ActivIdentity: authentication, single sign-on, device and credential management, authentication tokens, smart cards, integration tools.

Secure Document Technologies

 ProDocument Solutions: digital design and patented, digital printing of anti-fraud, secure documents for government and private clients (e.g., business forms, checks, business certificates, medical forms and manuals).

Green & Emerging Technologies

 ExtEngine: 1) Unique, patented NOx and Particulate Matter (PM) Emission Control System, designed to meet new California Air Resource Board (CARB) NOx and PM emission levels for diesel trucks, buses, ships and off-road equipment; 2) State-of-the-art, environmentally friendly lubricants and cutting oils.


Proven Past Performance

Office of State Publishing (OSP)—FTB Roll stock contract State of California

2006 to present—RAM enters into agreement with HP/EDS and NMCI (Navy Marine Computer Interconnect)

2004—OSP awards RAM newsprint contract

2003—DGS awards RAM multi-year liner contract 

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